Small Business Saturday – Part IV

Last year, more than 1.2 million consumers participated in Small Business Saturday. It is expected that the event will grow significantly again this year. Now is the time to start building your own momentum.  And, good place to start is with your own customer and prospect list. Use the time leading up to Small Business Saturday to collect customer information through your Website, such as email addresses, product preferences and so on. Here’s how to get customers to join in.

Let customers know now that you are participating in Small Business Saturday. Ask them to join your mailing list so you can keep them informed of the special offers that you will be promoting that day and in the future. Develop a refer-a-friend program that will enable your best customers to help you through word-of-mouth marketing. Make sure you offer an incentive to encourage their participation.

 Also, the more information you can gather on your customers, the better you’ll be able to meet their future needs. Consider developing a quick survey to find out why they buy your products or services and how you can better meet their needs. Customers, especially at this time of year, are looking for great deals. It’s an ideal opportunity to gather names and build your customer file. Once your customers opt in to your mailing list or email list, make sure to continually deliver value. Nurture the relationship and provide exceptional service, and they will stay.

For more easy ways to build your customer list, check back at some of our older postings.  Don’t forget to get  your copy of our Small Business Saturday tips.