Three Ways to Give Your Marketing a Facelift

It’s easy to get into a marketing rut from time to time. You keep sending the same types of emails to the same list, and you keep getting the same result: lackluster sales. What gives?

It’s time to overhaul your marketing. Don’t get overwhelmed by the process. Just start small with the three ideas below, and your marketing will likely improve almost immediately.

Limited-Time Offers

“For a limited time, take 20 percent off your order.” Words like those get customers to stand up and take notice!

By implying that there is an end date to your promotion, you will get customers to respond more quickly. They can’t wait to take advantage of your offer, because if they do, it will be gone.

So instead of ignoring your email or direct mail, they will hop online and shop your Website. The constraint of a limited-time offer could be the extra push your customers need to take action, before it’s too late.

Solving a Problem

Present your customers with a dilemma and your implied solution. For example, an online baby blanket retailer could send an email stating, “Help your baby sleep better than ever with our lavender-infused blankets.”

Be sure your copy makes it clear that your products are better than the competition’s. You don’t need to name names or badmouth anyone. Simply state ways that your product solves a problem your competitors can’t solve. Maybe you have better service, better quality or better prices for the value.

Solving a problem sets your business apart as a company that customers want to buy from. Your audience will be more likely to become loyal customers if you show what makes you different and better than any other company like yours.

Get a Good List

The people receiving your email and direct mail must be good potential customers for your business. Your list should include prospects who are your ideal buyers in terms of demographics, psychographics and buying behaviors.

Basically, you want a list of prospects who are like your best customers. If you’re sending to the wrong people, they are not likely to read your messages — whereas with the right list, you increase your chances of building a loyal customer base. Experian’s customer cloning services are a great place to start building a list that will get results.

Simple yet effective, these three tips will help you get your marketing on the right track and increase your ROI on all your marketing campaigns.