Small Business Saturday – Part III

This is Part III in our series of posts about how you can better prepare your business for Small Business Saturday – November 26.

Take advantage of Small Business Saturday resources

Do you need some help making the most of this day? Check out the Small Business Saturday Facebook page  as well as the FAQ page for some useful resources and information.

Contact businesses in your area as they may be interested in promoting Small Business Saturday. Check with your chamber of commerce to see how they plan on participating. Band together with other local small businesses and develop joint campaigns that will attract more new customers to your area.  A bike shop could team up with a sports apparel store to offer complementary discounts, for example, or a bakery with an ice cream shop.  Small Business Saturday lets you take advantage of the entire business community in helping to make this a successful event.

For even more information, be sure to check out our Small Business Saturday e-booklet.  It’s full of valuable information to get your business ready for this busy and lucrative time of year.