Preparing for Small Business Saturday – Part II

Welcome back to our series on getting your business ready for November 26th – Small Business Saturday.  Part II focuses on how you can find new, ideal prospects and create a local following.

No matter what kind of business you run, Small Business Saturday and the holiday season offer numerous opportunities to boost your visibility among new customers. So while you may be putting a lot of effort into your newsletter or customer email campaigns, don’t forget also to look outside of your current customers to attract new prospects. Small businesses of all kinds can get creative with targeted marketing offers that encourage new and repeat business among niche audiences.

To increase your sales during this important time, focus on improving your marketing campaigns with the best possible list of prospects who look like your best customers. With Experian’s customer cloning technology, you can drive in more business on Small Business Saturday by concentrating your efforts on finding and targeting more of the right kind of customers for your business.

With that kind of exposure, you’ll have more eyes on your Website, more foot traffic through your front door and more money in your registers during this crucial time of year. Who wouldn’t want that?  Start cloning today.

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