Should you clip coupons from your marketing budget?

I admit it –  I’ve used Groupon to get a great deal.

Though I will confess that when I purchased my first Groupon to the wine bar at the Ritz Carlton I had to question whether it was socially acceptable to use a coupon at an upscale venue.  I’ve never been the type to clip coupons.  But for 50% off wine and cheese tasting, even I was willing to try.  The experience was very positive, as was the wine tasting!

An Experian Simmons study (http://www.experian.com/blogs/marketing-forward/2011/03/31/print-coupon-use-strong-despite-increase-in-digital-coupons/) shows that 22% of US adults say their household uses digital coupons obtained from email or the internet.  This is up from 12% in 2005.  The rise of digital coupons is evident!

Though even with the rise in digital coupons, printed coupon use has still remained strong.  63% of adults today say their household uses printed coupons – ie. those from direct mail, newspapers and magazines.

So as a small business marketer don’t clip those coupons from your marketing budget, instead consider incorporating coupons into your direct mail campaigns as well as into your email newsletters.