CyberAgent® Dark Web Monitoring

October 6, 2022 by Brian Stack

When it comes to online personal data, the majority of Americans believe it has become more and more difficult to control who has access to that information.[1] And as international data breaches continue to feed the dark web, the cost is high for consumers.

Identity theft by the numbers

At least 16 billion records have been exposed through data breaches since 2019, and 31% of data breach victims later have their identity stolen[2]. The cost of obtaining a full range of documents and account details allowing identity theft is about $1,275.[3]

Dark Web Monitoring

With a 290% increase in stolen data found on the dark web in the past three years, monitoring is a must-have for data-driven service providers[4]. Now more than ever, consumers expect businesses that collect their information to keep it secure.

A solution for your customers

Here’s the good news: Experian CyberAgent® is a proprietary, patented dark web technology that proactively detects compromised confidential data online around the world. With more than 21 billion records found, this software is designed for proactive cyber detection on an international level.

CyberAgent Dark Web Monitoring

CyberAgent® monitors a variety of identity elements and captures all the data being exchanged, including:

  • Social Security numbers
  • National identification numbers
  • Email addresses/ domains and phone numbers
  • Medical identifications numbers
  • Passport and driver’s license numbers
  • Credit/debit card information
  • Retail card numbers
  • Bank account and routing numbers
  • International banking numbers

Global protection

As the only internet surveillance tool that can match data on an international level, CyberAgent® breaks language barriers and detects identity theft across the globe. By monitoring thousands of websites and millions of data points, this technology enables you to notify your customers if a match to their monitored personal information is found.

Alert your customers before they become a victim of identity theft and offer unrivaled protection from dark web threats. Click here to learn more.

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