Inside Experian – Documentary Film

November 27, 2014 by Editor

Come and take a look ‘Inside Experian’, a brand new documentary that lifts the lid on our global business – explaining who we are, what we do and how we’re helping people and businesses around the world protect, manage and make the most of their data.

Seen through the eyes of our customers, employees and business leaders, Inside Experian takes a look at our origins — from London tailors in the early 1800s to breaking new ground as one of the original Big Data pioneers.

And at the heart of our story, it’s about making a difference to peoples’ everyday lives.

To watch specific segments of the film, you can click on the links below:

  • Credit Services: how we’re a vital part of economic life and looking at our work in Brazil where we operate the world’s biggest credit bureau
  • Consumer Services: how we’re using information to help people to manage their credit profiles and in one of our customers’ words, the difference this has made to her life
  • Decision Analytics: how we’re helping clients to expand banking services to new customers
  • Marketing Services: how we’re helping our clients understand consumers and communicate in the right way, to the right people
  • Verticals (Automotive): how we’re helping automotive dealers identify new customers and match them up with the right vehicle

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