Will it be Lobster or Crab?

January 17, 2012 by Experian Marketing Services

AFC Championship Provides Opportunity to Compare New England vs. Baltimore

It’s a matchup of contrasting styles – Tom Brady and the machine-like offense of the New England Patriots versus Ray Lewis and the virtually impenetrable defense of the Baltimore Ravens. These teams have been built and equipped to compete with vastly different strengths and skill sets. Their respective home markets also have some diametrically opposite characteristics. Do you prefer New England lobster or Maryland crab? Let’s take a peek at differences between Boston and Baltimore.

All findings are based on analysis of data from Experian Simmons. Index values are cited in parentheses. An index of 150 indicates a 50% greater likelihood for a particular characteristic to be descriptive of a given market compared to the total U.S. Market comparisons are made at the DMA level.

What makes Boston unique?

  • The Volvo in the driveway is far more commonplace in Boston (177) than in Baltimore (90).
  • What are you doing this weekend? Boston-area residents are more likely than their Baltimore counterparts to be hanging out in a vacation home that they own (161).
  • Don’t have time to spend the weekend outside the city? Bostonians also love to visit a museum (140).
  • Cheers was an Emmy-award winning situation comedy set in a Boston bar. Looking for a good alcoholic beverage or microbrew? In Boston, they prefer Mike’s Hard Lemonade (133) and Pete’s Wicked Ale (168).
  • Hockey is big in Beantown. Just wait for the annual Beanpot tournament to come around. Want more proof? Residents of Boston have an above average propensity to go ice skating (124) or play hockey (129) and are very interested in college hockey (144) and the NHL (171).
  • The head coach of the Patriots, Bill Belichick, is the brainchild behind the team’s lasting success. But there’s lots of other brain power going on in Boston. Nearly 40% of the adult population has a college degree. That’s 1.46 times the national average.

What makes Baltimore unique?

    • The Ravens’ attacking and physical style defense evokes visions of a military unit preparing for battle. Coincidentally, Baltimore has a high incidence of adults who have served in the armed forces (121).
    • With its proximity to our nation’s capital, politics are an important part of the Baltimore scene. Baltimore-area residents keep tabs by watching “Washington Week” on PBS (161).
    • Politics isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it’s more fun to bounce a basketball than toss a political football. In Baltimore, they’re more likely to follow and be interested in the NBA (145) and WNBA (136).
    • Tom Brady is married to a supermodel. But the people of Baltimore can still take heart. They’re more likely to watch “America’s Next Top Model” (142) on TV.
    • Looking to find or impress a significant other? Apparently they are in Baltimore where there’s an above average propensity for adults to visit match.com (152), eharmony.com (145), and 1800flowers.com (149).
    • Much like other coaches in the NFL, Raven’s head coach John Harbaugh watches a lot of game film to prepare his team for the next opponent. Baltimore-area couples also appreciate seeing a good movie. How do we know? They have an above average likelihood to visit fandango.com (153) and movietickets.com (141).

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