Who Streams March Madness Online? A Pocket Guide

March 19, 2012 by Experian Marketing Services

With the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament now in a full court press, March Madness fans are in a quandary over which games to watch and how to watch them. Even worse, many of the games take place during traditional working hours, presenting fans with a strong temptation to stream games live from their desk—with or without approval from their manager or IT department. But what’s a die-hard fan to do? For help spotting a March Madness online streamer at work, on the street or on a date, we’ve created these handy guides:

How to indentify your colleagues streaming the Big Dance at work:

March Madness streamers are a high tech group. Here are other digital activities that they in engage in when they’re not streaming the game:

Your date may be an online streamer if…

Personal profile of the typical March Madness online streamer