Three ways ecommerce marketers can reduce shopping cart abandonment

May 20, 2013 by Experian Marketing Services

The Baymard Institute documents that there is a 67.35% average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate across the web. As users are provided an increasingly large number of product offerings from an increasing number of channels, there will be pressure on ecommerce marketing professionals to convert a higher percentage of prospects.

By following these three tips you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate and increase revenue.

1.)           Implement a remarketing strategy

A major reason that prospects don’t complete their purchase on ecommerce sites is because they are simply not ready to purchase. Remarketing allows you to display relevant and targeted messaging to prospects who have previously visited your site, while they browse other websites. This strategy allows you to direct prospects back to your site, and move them further down the purchasing funnel by providing additional details about your product or offering.

2.)           Make shipping address forms user friendly

Users often abandon their online purchase because the barrier to signing up/checking out is too great.  A prime example of this is entering a shipping address during check out. This process usually involves prospects entering 5-10+ free form address fields. By integrating address verification into your checkout forms users can enter partial address data and have the full, validated address automatically pasted in.  This also has the secondary benefit on ensuring you won’t have any returned products due to an inaccurately entered address.

3.)           Give users a proper recall of the product selected

Often times, on ecommerce sites users select a product, are taken to the checkout process and never see the details of the purchase selection until the thank you page. This strategy leaves users confused and less willing to go through with a purchase. By displaying the user’s product selection and details at each step of the checkout process, you can ensure that users are confident and clear on their selection. This small tweak to your checkout process will ensure users don’t leave to double check that they have selected the correct product.

By implementing these three tips you can decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate while increasing the overall usability of your ecommerce site; two imperative initiatives for the modern ecommerce marketer.