The state of Black Friday

December 5, 2014 by Experian Marketing Services

Bill Tancer, general manager of global research for Experian Marketing Services, appeared on CNN Live Thanksgiving day, to answer the question, “Is Black Friday dying?”

Contrary to popular belief, over the past few years, Thanksgiving has taken the place of Black Friday as the most popular day for shopping. Due to an increasing affinity toward online shopping as well as big box retailers opening their doors after dinner, many consumers are no longer using Thanksgiving Day to scan the internet for Black Friday deals, but are using it to shop. With this change and the increasing popularity in alternative sale dates, such as Cyber Monday and Super Saturday, the urgency to shop on Black Friday has become less significant.

Additionally, in previous years, many retailers used free shipping as a way to get noticed during the holidays. According to Experian research, this year is very different. Bill noted that “there has already been a 22 percent decline in free shipping offers so far this year, making free shipping not as significant as it has been in the previous years.”

Bill also gave insight to when customers should keep an eye out for deals later in the holiday season. He explained, “Over the past few years deals are getting better the closer we get to Christmas Day.” As far as the best day to go shopping for deals, our research shows no specific date. Relating it to a “game of chicken” between retailers and customers, Bill urges to “take the deal when it looks most attractive.”

Watch the full CNN Newsroom segment, hosted by Carol Costello, here.