Providing customers an omni-channel experience

December 18, 2012 by Experian Marketing Services

Our next data trend for 2013 is omni-channel. Instead of just operating in multiple channels, businesses need to provide a seamless customer experience, regardless of the channel.

Today, many businesses operate channels within siloed environments, segmenting information and interactions. Unfortunately, the consumer judges a business based on their overall experience and expects the same level of engagement regardless of the channel. If a consumer has a bad experience at one touch point, it will affect buying patterns across the organization.

As part of an omni-channel experience, businesses must create a consistent dialogue that extends across all channels and points of contact to produce a stronger brand identity. To achieve a consistent approach, businesses need to have parallel messaging, personalized call center experiences and better business intelligence. This will allow customers to interact with the organization in a positive way, central to their wants and needs.

However, to gain that business knowledge, stakeholders need to ensure the accuracy of consumer information. Here are two ways businesses can achieve this business knowledge.

  1. Create a centralized, accurate data source – Often organizations segment information across departments. By having one database, staff can understand preferred points of interaction, the consumer purchase history and other preferences.
  2. Ensure contact data quality – Contact information is consistent across records and can serve as a set of unique identifiers to help in consolidating duplicates. Ensure the accuracy of contact information to help create one record for each customer.

Sit down with your team to determine how accurate customer information can improve your omni-channel experience.