Podcast: Chico’s FAS shares how their relationship with Experian helped them better understand their target audience

August 26, 2019 by Lester Holze, VP of Sales

During June’s CRMC 2019 event in Chicago, I had a chance to sit down with Dan Thorpe, analytics leader at Chico’s FAS to discuss our work together with Total Retail’s executive editor Joe Keenan on their podcast, Total Retail Talks. Chico’s retained Experian to help them come up with a better understanding of their target audience – the “her”. Chico’s already had strong behavioral data and loyal customers, but in order to achieve the growth they were looking for, they needed to look at attitudinal, lifestyle and customer segmentation. Dan discusses how Experian enables Chico’s FAS to connect disparate pieces of data, identify its customers and the right potential customers across all channels, engage in more personalize communications and develop stronger campaign planning through segmentation strategies.

Listen to Joe, Dan and myself here on episode 207 of Total Retails Talks: