PCH shifts to a customer-centric marketing model

April 11, 2016 by Experian Marketing Services

Customer-centric marketing is a top priority for marketers

In the just-released 2016 Digital Marketer Report, we found that by 2017, 95 percent of enterprise-level marketing teams expect to be responsible for integrating the full customer experience across channels. This customer-centric marketing approach is a massive shift for many marketers, especially the 59 percent of enterprise-level marketers who shared that they work on channel-based teams.

The challenges caused by a siloed organizational structure are multiplied by the fact that customer data is often stored in disparate databases. In fact, the same Digital Marketer survey found that 81 percent of marketers have challenges achieving a single customer view, and for enterprise marketers, the top challenges cited were:

  • Technology to integrate customer data in real time (54%)
  • Inability to integrate multiple data sources and technologies (49%)
  • Access to data from across the organization (48%)

Publishers Clearing House shares how they built a customer-focused program

Our clients are always looking for ways to better the customer experience, and this is as true as ever for Publishers Clearing House (PCH). As a well-established company, PCH began its marketing roots in the direct mail space. Over the past few decades, the brand has expanded its programs to include online, email, and most recently mobile apps. This has had a profound effect on the customer experience they provide, and has required PCH to think more centrally about how they use data and connect it to ensure a consistent experience across all platforms.

Sal Tripi, AVP of Digital Operations and Compliance at Publishers Clearing House, spoke with us recently to share more of his brand’s transformation story. Check out the video below:

As Tripi shares in the video, “using the data that we have from the offline world and the online world to target and segment – creating a really relevant experience – is what we’ve been after and continuing to evolve to.” And isn’t that the goal of any customer-centric marketing organization?

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