Obsessing over Dana

September 24, 2012 by Experian Marketing Services

Meet Dana, she's your best customerBy now you’ve probably met our friend Dana, a typical, discerning customer. She wants her favorite brands to deliver a relevant and seamless experience, coordinated throughout her busy day. Delivering on that expectation can be a challenge for marketers. After all, Dana’s busy, so it can be hard to catch her at the right time and place, and on the right device. And while Dana’s not your only customer, you need to make her feel like she is. How do you do this? By being customer obsessed. Create a great customer experience based on everything you know about her. By being obsessed with Dana you’ll make her obsessed with you.

To help you know and understand Dana better, she’ll be guest blogging from time to time, and she’ll share both her good and bad experiences with brands. We want to be sure your brand lines up with the good experiences so stay tuned to future blog posts for ideas on how to enchant and delight your customers. We’ll continue to share must-know stats, tips and trends you can use to connect, engage and empower customers like Dana.