New Experian Data Quality BETA program for marketers

April 25, 2014 by Experian Marketing Services

Experian Data Quality has launched its first ever BETA program! As marketers continue to be more focused on data-driven initiatives and as we have seen in recent research, many of these initiatives are being hindered by poor data quality. On average, a quarter of information contained within a database is believed to be inaccurate.

To help assess the quality of business data, Experian Data Quality is in the process of developing a Data Quality Health Check. The goal of this product is to report on the quality of existing data or new data being passed into a database.

However, to develop this product, we need your help. We think highly of our product and feature sets and want to make sure that you feel the same. To gain real-world feedback, we launched a BETA program to allow customers and prospects free access to products in development in return for feedback. This BETA program will give you the opportunity to trial the Data Quality Health Check for free.

There are two ways to trial the product:

1.)    Place the Experian Data Quality JavaScript snippet after the closing </body> tag of your web form. With no disruption to the user, we will analyze the data being passed into your database through the web form. An example of this code is as follows:

<script src=”http://saas1entitlement1.blob.core.windows.net/integrationapp/23247fff-33b3-e311-bedd-0050562009e1.js”></script>

After seven days of data has been analyzed we will provide you with an in-depth data quality report detailing the quality of your email, address and phone data.

2.)    Alternatively, you can provide us a data file containing a sample of your contact data. We will process the data sample and provide you with a data quality report detailing the accuracy of your email, address and phone data.

Eventually we will charge for these services, but we want to incorporate your feedback before doing so.  By opting into our BETA program you can discover your data quality proficiency for free, while ensuring your opinion is incorporated into our developing road map.

A limited number of organizations will be admitted into the program. To apply, please click here and complete the form.