How Measurement Can Drive Results in Automotive Marketing

September 21, 2018 by Steve Podzamsky, Lead Product Manager

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The automotive industry is a crowded marketplace. Consumers are faced with a multitude of brands, models, color schemes, and other important features, like safety ratings, entertainment add-ons, and more. Considering that people consume information through a variety of channels and devices, it’s imperative for marketers to find effective ways to reach their target audience across all platforms. So, if marketers want to positively impact sales, it’s important to have quick and powerful insights that help them connect with the right audience, in the right place and at the right time, to make the most of a campaign’s performance.

Experian’s 2018 Automotive Attribution study takes a close look at automotive shopper behavior to answer the question of “what drives sales?”. Perhaps the most interesting takeaway was the need for a holistic approach to measurement, levering multiple data sources. This proved to be more effective than isolated KPIs, such as traditional website metrics of page views, mobile clicks, or form submissions. Using this approach allows marketers to identify high-value users, which are consumers who purchase at a higher percentage rate than overall web traffic. Further insights showed that, optimization of paid advertising strategies and evaluating third-party investments should be top priorities to gain the right metrics, reach those high-value users, and ultimately increase sales.

The right data and measurement solutions can significantly impact a brand’s campaign performance and help marketers gain key insights for buy rate, statistical significance score, and more. At Experian, we are committed to providing the best tools to help marketers set the right objectives, make the right marketing decisions and reach the right consumers and ultimately drive the best business results.

Experian’s OmniImpact for Automotive is a powerful measurement solution that helps marketers identify the best performing audience segments, evaluate marketing strategy and digital and TV campaign performance, and gauge sales loss to competitors. We integrate multiple data sources, including our credit, vehicle, and consumer marketing databases, providing a competitive advantage to marketers who need robust data assets to break through the auto industry clutter. OmniImpact for Automotive offers easy-to-read performance metrics, multiple benchmark control, and best-in-class consumer data for additional insights to help marketers identify whether you’ve driven incremental sales for your brand, and how sales fare compared to your competitor’s sales.

Visit the OmniImpact web page for more details.

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