Lifestyles of Team USA fans vary by sport

August 1, 2012 by Experian Marketing Services

A prior blog post looked at the differences in the behavior of visitors to USA Track and Field (usatf.org), USA Swimming (usaswimming.org), and USA Basketball (usabasketball.com). In this post, we try to understand more about who these fans are and what makes them tick.

The Olympic teams’ site visitors tend to be men.  The swimming site attracted the largest share of male visitors at 60%. Basketball and track & field close behind with 58% of visitors being male.

A lifestyle and psychographic look at site visitors shows varying profiles for the fans of each sport.  Using Experian’s Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation solution, we are able to better understand what the fans of each sport are all about. The following are the top lifestyle segments driving traffic to the respective websites.

At the top of the podium for the USA swimming site is the Booming with Confidence target:

  • Prosperous, established couples in their peak earning years living in suburban homes. This group is upscale, experienced travelers, brand-aware, loyal and sports enthusiasts.

For track & field, the Promising Families group leads the way:

  • Young couples with children in starter homes living child-centered lifestyles. They have solid incomes and busy lives. They are young and active – especially with child centric activities, team sports are a big part of their lives as well as other activities for the children.

And the USA basketball site has two groups that are most interested in the latest dream team – Booming with Confidence (described above) and Suburban Style.

  • Middle-aged, ethnically-mixed suburban families and couples earning upscale incomes. Suburban Style have rich leisure lives and enjoy family centric activities and sports. They are community minded and brand conscious.

Segmenting the lifestyle of a website’s visitors helps to us to create a rich profile of each site’s audience. For advertisers, it presents an opportunity to target audiences that are most relevant to their product or service and create timely, tailored campaigns for each segment.

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