Experian Marketing Services’ Top 5 Blog Posts of the Year

December 27, 2019 by Jill Manning, Head of Marketing

top 5 blog posts of 2019

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s the time of year for celebrations, traditions, and a reflection of the best and most memorable moments of the past year. That includes lists and roundups, from the best albums and songs to viral moments of 2019. We’ve put together a roundup of our own, of the top Marketing Forward blogs of 2019. With topics ranging from auto marketers, seasonal audiences, data-driven advertising and important Experian news, the purpose of Marketing Forward is to help our readers, whether brands or individuals, make smarter marketing decisions to connect with consumers and elevate their brands. So, without further ado out top five most reads blog posts of 2019 were…

# 5 – Top Five Marketing Challenges for Retailers (published 2/20/2019)

The questions that keep retail marketers up at night have evolved significantly over the past decade, with the focus now being on data-driven advertisements rather than billboards and TV commercials.

We explore what data retailers should capture, from how long customers spent in a store, to how long they stayed on a web page, and why the first question they need to ask themselves is what problem they’re trying to solve. This leads to another critical factor, understanding customer behavior, which requires looking at both on and offline data. Once retailers have this data, they need to build trust and establish loyalty from consumers. This can be done by integrating the appropriate technology solutions in order to make all of the data compiled actionable. Read the entire post.

# 4 – Experian’s COO of Marketing Services Wins Bronze award for Women in Business (published 11/21/2019)

In November, Experian announced that its Chief Operating Officer of Marketing Services, Klaudette Christensen, was named a winner of the Bronze Stevie® Award in the Female Executive of the Year – Business Services category. The Stevie Awards for Women in Business honor women executives, entrepreneurs, employees, and the companies they run-worldwide. As an integral part of the Experian team since joining the company in 2010, Klaudette helps build strategies that help thousands of brands deliver intelligent interactions across all channels. Read the entire post.

# 3 – Attribution: The most powerful tool for your next advanced TV campaign (published 5/15/2019)

The way that people consume television continues to evolve; gone are the days of traditional cable as streaming services continue to dominate. For advertisers, advanced TV means a revolution in TV advertising as it becomes more addressable, and allows marketers to zone-in on their key demographics. The issue is tracking audiences on their path to purchase when television is being watched, or streamed, on a number of devices. That’s where attribution comes into play. Businesses are taking advantage of the wide range of data available from their own first-party CRM data or third-party data.

We explore how using a data-driven approach, one that goes beyond traditional demographic-based approaches of linear TV advertising, can make a significant impact. Advanced TV is where marketers now need to target the right individuals, and measurement will allow them to see what campaigns are driving sales. Read the entire post.

# 2 – Seasonal audiences & why they matter (published 5/16/2019)

To capture the appropriate audience for each season, and holiday, Experian launched Audiences@Experian, a new initiative to empower marketers to request audiences from Experian, and therefore access the data via our platform partners. Experian has launched seasonal audiences so that for the various seasons, dates, and events each year, marketers no longer need to start from scratch.

We explain how Audiences@Experian has created a team of experts to build out audiences for our clients that will help campaign goals be met, drive in-store traffic, and more. Some of the most requested seasonal and holiday audiences include music festivals, New Year’s, Christmas, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day, just to name a few. Read the entire post.

# 1 – Auto marketers: It’s time to pay attention to Gen Z (published 9/19/2019)

What generation already has 61 million consumers, is set to be the largest generation ever, and influences $600 billion of spending? It’s not Millennials, but Gen Z, or those born after 1996. In the automotive market alone, Gen Z made up 3.8 percent of all new vehicle registrations in the first quarter of 2019, up from just 0.5 percent during 2015. While Gen Z usually gets lumped in with Millennials, they are the first truly “digital generation,” and often research products extensively before making a purchase.

This post explains why marketers need to create consistent messages that resonate with Gen Z, who interact with brands across a wider range of devices and touchpoints than other generations. Automotive marketers typically rely on CRM data, but this won’t be as effective for Gen Z, as they probably haven’t purchased cars previously. What marketers need is identity resolution, which combines your first-party identity signals across channels with third-party resources, as well as advanced technology such as AI and machine learning, to deliver relevant campaigns to a younger audience. Read the entire post.

We hope you enjoyed our recap of the top five blog posts in 2019 and continue to read our Marketing Forward blog as we delve into the challenges faced by marketers in today’s ever changing marketing industry. Happy New Year!