Experian Consumer Expectation Index launches

July 11, 2011 by Experian Marketing Services

The economy is up – the economy is down, which one is it?

I wrote that line here as an opening to our series of posts highlighting findings from the Experian Marketing Services’ 2011 Digital Marketer Report.

That question for marketers is more pertinent today than ever as we’ve had to adjust in recent years to a new environment of constant change and hyper-innovation. This has arrived in many different facets, from a dizzying array of new online offerings, to external influences, such as the economic uncertainty over the last several years that has altered buyer and marketer behavior.

The only way to answer that question is to focus on a better understanding of our customer. As such, we are proud to launch the Experian Consumer Expectation Index (CEI) to better understand consumer behavior. The CEI trends consumer behavior based upon their economic outlook through more than 60,000 consumer data elements including users of more than 8,000 consumer brands and products and 600 psychographics, lifestyles, attitudes and opinions.

This unprecedented depth of consumer behavior data allows us to provide more finite insights to share with marketers. Along with the monthly updates we will be posting additional findings in-between the regular updates to the blog.

Please tell us what you are curious to know about consumers.