Emails with offers drive Back to School purchases

June 14, 2013 by Experian Marketing Services

Email is one of the key channels for marketers looking to reach moms during the Back to School season.  But with the high competitiveness of the season, marketers need to be sure their email campaigns are effective and timely. Experian’s recent webinar pinpoints important trends and statistics for Back to School email campaigns, and looks at the ways marketers are using email to continue the conversation even after the kids go back to school. Some of the most interesting findings, from 2012 data:

  • Offers in subject lines were present on 37% of Back to School emails and generated 57% of total email revenue.
  • Free shipping offers had the best transaction rates and the highest revenue per email.
  • Teen apparel interest continued into the school year, especially over Labor Day weekend. Click rates for apparel emails were highest in September, meaning that consumers still engage with apparel emails well into the school year.

View the rest of the Back to School marketing webinar to find further statistics and consumer insights.