Creating a contact data quality strategy that works

November 11, 2011 by Erin Haselkorn

Managing contact data quality is challenging. There are many different users who can access CRM systems and many different mediums through which information is being transported.

Ensuring that organizational contact data is correct, usable and accessible is something almost every organization wants to achieve. To accomplish this, stakeholders need to take steps to ensure new solutions are comprehensive enough to actually solve the problem, not just cover it up.

To get started, individuals need to review their contact data entry points, find which pieces of contact information are utilized most within an organization, and then find the tools to alleviate any errors. But this should be done in stages with an ROI check at the end of each roll-out. While it will take longer, it will make sure that organizations are purchasing tools that don’t just look good on a demo, but actually perform the promised results.

To help organizations with that challenge, Experian QAS created a website to help you become a data quality rock star. In it, you can find information on evaluating your current database, proposing a data project to senior management, and reviewing which tools can help you make it happen.

Visit the website and start your journey to becoming a data quality rock star. Enjoy the new resources.

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