Client Holiday Readiness Series: Threat Analytics and Monitoring

November 8, 2016 by River Xin

The “Client Holiday Readiness Series” is a window into how Experian Marketing Services is helping clients succeed during the busy holiday season along with some helpful tips as clients prepare their campaigns.  This series provides information on the products, support, and services we offer and how they are helping clients succeed during the crucial holiday period.

Did you know that attackers stay in a network without being detected for an average of 140 days? In today’s world of persistent and advanced cyber threats, it’s critically important that enterprises are able to swiftly identify and take action against malicious attacks and abnormal activity on their platform. Failing to do so can result in damaging data breaches that can cost companies an average of $3.5 million.

At Experian Marketing Services, we understand that a secure network is a fundamental necessity for our clients. Safeguarding our clients and their customer’s data is critical in a dynamic threat landscape that evolves quickly to find gaps in protection.

That’s why Experian Marketing Services has invested in a suite of advanced threat analytics tools to analyze active network traffic, profile behaviors, detect anomalies and alert our security teams of any malicious operators.

Threat analytics

We know that potential attackers can enter anywhere – so we need visibility everywhere. Our advanced threat analytics technology provides a holistic view of all security events across multiple layers of our service environment. That means that we can monitor potential threats on an enterprise scale, and leverage thin network sensors to provide real-time insight into all of our distributed environments.

That’s important because, if we want to get a comprehensive picture of a threat, we need to understand the distribution of incidents across our network. Monitoring our entire platform enables us to aggregate events and draw important correlations between security events.

If we ever identify any malicious activity, our security incident response team is alerted and automatically supplied with the necessary threat intelligence to validate the incident, scope the impact and take action to eliminate the malicious operator.

Cyber threats are constantly changing, and our adversaries continue to adapt to security measures. Experian Marketing Services understands that the number one priority is keeping customer data safe, and that’s why we haven’t stopped investing in and improving our threat protection services.  Contact us to learn more about our advanced threat analytics technology.