Client Holiday Readiness Series: Enhancing systems and hardening infrastructure

October 20, 2016 by Carter Lassy

The “Client Holiday Readiness Series” is a window into how Experian Marketing Services is helping clients succeed during the busy holiday season along with some helpful tips as clients prepare their campaigns.  This series provides information on the products, support, and services we offer and how they are helping clients succeed during the crucial holiday period. 

The holidays are undoubtedly the most crucial time of the year for all of our clients. For the Experian Marketing Services teams the months leading up to the season are spent proactively enhancing the system and hardening the infrastructure to ensure resiliency. Platform resiliency is our number one priority year round and becomes even more imperative during the holidays.

As our challenges become more complex, there is a growing need to simplify our architecture and streamline the exchange of data within the Marketing Suite. With that need in mind, this year we embarked on the System Consolidation Project. This merged two of Experian Marketing Services’ primary databases (the content Management System and the Data Management System) into a single shared architecture.

The project merged the system that housed critical mailing data such as campaign, scheduling and filter data with the system that holds consumer data. By combining the data into one architecture, we’ve streamlined the import and campaign deployment process, and maximized our systems capacities while minimizing processing times. As a result, we have seen impressive performance gains with our clients and are confident that we will continue to see improved efficiency through the holidays.

As we continue to consolidate, we launched the System Log Warehouse (SLW). This architecture enables all our system logs to be streamed into the SLW in real time allowing our teams to monitor and troubleshoot filter issues rapidly. Filters are the life blood of our systems; they power all platform processes & are crucial for executional success. The ability to proactively identify issues before they happen and quickly respond to performance problems is vital to providing uninterrupted service for our clients during the holidays.

An additional benefit of the System Log Warehouse is the ability to monitor the performance of Advanced Event Triggers. Specifically, we can monitor the time between each trigger request and message send in real time. For our clients that are using these triggers to execute transactional messages, this is essential to quickly address latency issues and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Our customer’s success is our success. Providing a seamless experience during the holidays and year round is at the heart of Experian. Our goal is to ensure that we enhance our client’s holiday season by helping them power meaningful engagements during their busiest time of year.

If you would like to hear more of what we’re doing to enhance our systems and infrastructure, please feel free to contact us!