Candy Consumption of Kids and Households with Kids

October 31, 2009 by Experian Marketing Services

With Halloween lurking around the corner, candy sales will surely rise. But before you purchase this year’s trick-or-treat supply, first read the report Experian Simmons put together regarding the candy consumption of American adults and children.

The report will help you choose the candy to stock up on by identifying the brands kids like most. On the other hand, when you find out how many servings children eat in a typical month, you might just decide to forego the candy bars and give out apples instead.

Sweet Teeth
Seventy-five percent of all U.S. Adults say they eat chocolate or hard candy. Adults who live under the same roof with children under the age of 18 are slightly more likely to eat candy than those who don’t live with kids (76 percent versus 74 percent). Likewise, adults living among children are more likely to eat 10 or more servings of candy per month than those living in childless households.

It’s Only For the Kids?
Candy eating adults living amongst kids are more likely than those who don’t have kids in the household to eat most types of candy from fun-size to king-size.

Candy Consumption of 6 – 11 Year Olds
Now we’ll analyze the candy consumption of American children and determine if there is a candy consumption correlation between children their parents.

Data is from the Simmons Kids Study Spring 2009 Full Year.

Older Children Eat More Candy
Is there anything more universally liked among kids than candy? Ninety-six percent of American children ages 6 to 11 say they eat chocolate or hard candy with little difference across age groups. Older kids, though, indulge more frequently than their younger friends.

Specifically, kids ages 10 and 11 are 16 percent more likely than the average kid to say that they eat 6 or more servings of chocolate or hard candy per month. Young children ages 6 and 7 who are mostly reliant on their parents for their candy supply are the least likely to have 6 or more servings a month.

The Top 3 Brands
The most liked brands differ greatly between the age groups.