[Podcast] Addressable TV = Opportunity for Marketers

July 18, 2017 by Brad Danaher, Director of TV Solutions

Is addressable TV’s juice worth the squeeze? This question sits atop many marketer’s minds. While many debate the complexity of the approach, the fact remains, it┬áprovides serious value. It’s about people-based marketing. That means brands no longer have to guess whether they’re reaching the right audience.

Jay Stocki

Jay Stocki

In this Marketing Smarts podcast, featured on Marketing Profs, Jay Stocki, Senior Vice President of Data and Product Strategy for Experian Marketing Services, discusses why addressable TV makes sense for marketers today. In short – through addressable TV marketers can solve real challenges in the industry today including delivering consistent messages to consumers across channels and measuring the impact their marketing had on sales.

Check out the podcast here.