Experian is helping marketers gain a more complete understanding of their audiences

February 21, 2020 by Experian Marketing Services

Turn identifiers into identities

Identity has always played an essential role in understanding who your customers are and ensuring a positive consumer experience. However, it has and continues to evolve over time. Identifying customers used to be as simple as looking into a brick and mortar store to see which demographics were buying which products or services. As society becomes increasingly reliant on both digital devices and channels, hundreds of digital touchpoints have emerged and come into play. Every view, search, click, interaction, and purchase is another component of an identity.

Further complicating matters for marketers is the fact that digital footprints are just one part of the equation. Despite the increased digital activities of consumers, offline ads and marketing practices still continue to factor into a consumer’s overall path-to-purchase behavior. The combination of hundreds of digital and offline touchpoints, disjointed technologies and siloed data make it increasingly difficult for brands and agencies to obtain a true single view of the customer.

That’s why Experian recently launched an innovative new solution that combines vetted, high-quality data and artificial intelligence to help marketers connect Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) with digital and offline identity attributes to get a more comprehensive understanding of their target audiences. Using machine-learning algorithms and our longstanding best in class offline Personally identifiable information (PII) repository to evaluate billions of advanced identity signals and data elements, including MAIDs, the solution allows brand marketers to put more effective analytics, audience segmentation and activation, and measurement capabilities into action.

Developed in collaboration with Experian DataLabs and powered by Experian’s vast and diverse data assets and identity platform, the solution will be available via Experian’s MarketingConnectSM, an identity resolution platform designed to help brands, agencies and marketing technology vendors connect disparate data sources, effectively bridging the gaps in identity resolution. So far, we have seen clients using the new solution more than double their match rates.

Experian is making this possible for marketers by intelligently connecting all of the necessary data points to reach customers with timely and relevant messaging, all while keeping their data protected. By ingesting, organizing, corroborating, resolving, and analyzing a broad range of data, our new solution provides marketers with the ability to identify and reach customers at a higher rate than previously possible. We link consumers to action in their lives, from the living room to the show room.

As the world’s largest data company, Experian’s identity resolution capabilities fuel the solutions that marketers rely on to deliver memorable, measurable marketing moments that meet consumers wherever life may take them. From the tap of an app to the swipe of a card, it’s possible to deliver the right marketing messages  that meet consumers wherever life may take them.

To read our full press release, visit https://www.experianplc.com/media/news/2019/experians-efforts-to-help-marketers-more-accurately-identify-customers/.