Measurement: The Key to Successfully Engage Customers

campaign measurementCustomer engagement is not a static definition. It changes over time and for each marketer, depending on the end goal of the campaign. The one constant when it comes to customer engagement is that customers expect personalized and relevant experiences. In order to make sure we are delivering the right messages to the right people, we need to test and adjust our campaigns. Measurement is one of the most effective ways to get it right.

All too often brands use measurement to only ask the question “how did my campaign perform?” But the right question to ask is the one that will allow you to learn just as much from the failure of the campaign than the success of a campaign. That question being “how can I use this information to make smarter future decisions?” The real benefit of measurement is that you can test and revise. You can constantly adjust until you find the perfect message for the perfect audience to create ultimate customer engagement.

On May 27, our Senior Vice President of Data and Product, Jay Stocki, will be featured in eMarketer discussing this very topic in a piece entitled: Understanding Customer Engagement: What it Means, and How Marketers are Measuring it.

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