Get educated – A study in the student lending marketplace

April 27, 2016 by Kerry Rivera

The numbers are staggering: more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, 40 million borrowers, and an average balance of $29,000.

In fact, a recent Experian study revealed consumer debt is decreasing in every major consumer lending category with the exception of student loans. Student loans have increased by 84 percent since the recession (from 2008 to 2014) and surpassed home equity loans, home-equity lines of credit (HELOC), credit card debt and automotive debt.

While the student loan issue has been looming for years, the magnitude is now taking center stage with each 2016 presidential candidate weighing in on solutions.

In an effort to provide deeper insights into the student debt universe, Experian’s Kelley Motley and Holly Deason will share a new analysis at Vision 2016 in a session titled, Get educated – a study in the student lending marketplace. They will be joined by Gordon Cameron, executive vice president of PNC.

Among the findings they will share include a snapshot of consumers with student loans from three time periods – Pre-recession (December 2007), Recession (December 2009) and Post-Recession/Current (December 2015). At each of these time periods, they will reveal trends around outstanding debt, delinquencies, originations, and also a compare how consumers with student loans rank when it comes to Vantage Score distribution.

Finally, their data will explore opportunities for consolidation, showing segments that might be best suited for  receiving offers from financial institutions based on Vantage Score, debt and total number of trades.

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