The Experian Market Intelligence Brief: The latest consumer credit trends

Industry leading consumer credit trend data

The complete picture of consumer credit trends from Experian’s database of over 230 million consumers

Today we launched The Experian Market Intelligence Brief, a new quarterly report that includes more than 70 charts and data trends on loan originations, outstanding loans and delinquency performance metrics spanning three years. The report can benefit any institution and inform its strategic initiatives with industry leading consumer credit trend data across eight consumer credit segments including:

Experian Market Intelligence consumer credit trends

  • Auto
  • Bankcard
  • Mortgage
  • Home-equity loan
  • Personal loan
  • Retail card
  • Student loan

Some examples of the trends that The Experian Market Intelligence Brief provides this quarter include:

  • Auto and student loan debt are both near the $1 trillion level
  • The retail credit card average limit is at $2,259, the highest it has been in three years
  • Personal loan originations are at their highest levels in three years, reaching $32.9 billion

The report identifies which segments are best positioned for growth, compares year-over-year results to gauge segment health, measures the impact different consumer segments have on each segment, and analyzes delinquency trends and payment behavior to alleviate and anticipate risk. The data in the report is based on aggregated summaries of millions of depersonalized credit trade files.

The new report is available for $1,195 at www.experian.com/market-intelligence-brief.