Using Analytics to Deepen Customer Relationships

On October 7th, Kevin Poe from Experian’s Global Consulting Practice participated in a Social Media Today webinar titled,How Marketing Can Power Engagement: Using Analytics to Deepen Customer Relationships. Kevin shared his deep insights on how the use of data and analytics can help companies better serve their customers. A great customer experience leads directly to customer loyalty, advocacy AND profits.

Strong evidence shows that customer experience equates to great value for today’s companies. Fifty-five percent of consumers say they would pay more for a better customer experience (Defaqto Research) and a $10 billion company would experience more than a $300 million revenue increase from modest experience improvement (Forrester Research). Loyal customers buy more, stay longer, tell others and cost less to serve.

Embrace the challenge and get it right for your customers by understanding their needs and wants through the use of data and analytics. When customers win, you win.

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