Study highlights generational gap on debt

March 20, 2012 by josephine.munis

A recent Experian credit trends study showcases the types of debts Americans have, the amounts they owe and the differences between generations. Nationally, the average debt in the United States is $78,030 and the average VantageScore® is 751. The debt and VantageScore distribution for each group is listed below, with the 30 to 46 age group carrying the most debt and the youngest age group (19 to 29) carrying the least:

Age group Average debt Average VantageScore
66 and older $38,043 829
47 to 65 $101,951 782
30 to 46 $111,121 718
19 to 29 $34,765 672

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Source: To view the complete study, please click here

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