Case study: Manage front-end operations through automation and integration

June 8, 2017 by Experian Health

Multi-specialty, academic, non-profit healthcare delivery system increases productivity and improves resource efficiency

The prior and pre-authorization inquiry and submission processes within patient access can be challenging for healthcare providers, as it’s often manual, cumbersome, and steps within the process can be missed or poorly integrated—frustrating both staff and patients. Experian Health’s Authorizations helped one of its healthcare delivery system clients increase efficiency and empower staff to spend more time with patients to discuss estimated liability and financial responsibility and provide them with payment plan options.

“We needed an authorization solution that was integrated within our Epic workflow, easy-to-use and that our team could rally behind. We found that solution in Experian Health’s Authorizations tool.”

—Director, Pre-service Center, multi-specialty, academic non-profit healthcare delivery system

Inquiries are now automated and take place behind the scenes without user intervention. Submissions guide the user through the workflow, auto-filling all payer data and only prompting the user only when manual intervention is required.

Hear more about this client’s success using Authorizations. Read the full case study.



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