Experian Acquires CSID

I am pleased to share the news on this blog that Experian has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CSIdentity Corporation (CSID), a leading provider of consumer identity management and fraud detection services.

For the Data Breach Resolution group in particular, this is a major development. It will enhance our capabilities to provide best-in-class identity theft protection services to our clients who have suffered a data breach. When breaches occur, they not only affect the company but also the consumers whose personal information was exposed.  It’s imperative that organizations offer quality protection in the aftermath. With CSID, we can now offer more flexible and tailored product configurations to meet client needs. The acquisition also expands our footprint globally for U.S. companies who have an international reach.

Unfortunately, data breaches will continue to occur. Companies must prepare and enlist the best partners to help them through the process. We feel this makes us an even better leader in the industry.

For additional details, read our press release.