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Why Understanding Credit is Crucial For Small Business Owners

Check out this podcast where Gerri Detweiler joins us to chat about small business credit and finance. She is an author, blogger, and credit expert at Gerri writes about personal and business finance topics, like tips on building good business credit and also used to be the host of the weekly radio program, Talk Credit Radio. In this interview, Gerri shares some of her best tips. Nav provides free credit reports for businesses and a variety of resources for small business owners.

See what this podcast covers:

  • Balancing personal finance and business finance
  • Business credit scores
  • Experian and Nav's partnership
  • Skills that small business owners should cultivate
  • Small business identity theft
  • Types of small businesses and credit
  • Thinking like a lender

Stay tuned for more Experian podcasts at this year's FinCon 2017 with industry professionals.

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