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What Financial Rules Will Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Include in His Marital Agreement with Amy Fowler?

When the scene was recording where Sheldon proposed to Amy on "The Bang Theory", the cast cried. But now the details and expenses of wedding planning sets in as the wedding date is discussed in "The Relaxation Integration" episode of the long-running CBS hit comedy.

Here are 5 things we think Sheldon will include in the financial portion of his marital agreement with Amy.

  1. Wedding Themes and Budgets Must Be Approved.

    As Sheldon and Amy start planning the wedding, it's hard to imagine him agreeing to spend the money on a ballroom wedding. But he'd be happy to spend money on a Star Trek themed wedding to duplicate this Klingon wedding ceremony. Sheldon is a huge fan of Klingons and included in the relationship contract that plastic surgery was only allowed if it was to look like a Klingon. However, we think they'll choose Klingon costumes over full on plastic surgery for the ceremony.

    "When broaching the subject with Amy, he should ask about how he she feels about Klingons," says Dr. Eileen Kennedy Moore, a clinical psychologist in Princeton, NJ. "Should they go full Klingon or settle on a compromise of just a Star Trek theme which may slightly reduce the budget."

    As far as wedding favors and centerpieces, he could choose these Spock action figures in the box for under $18. Ten centerpieces would cost $180. The typical wedding floral centerpieces could easily reach $1,000 or more.

  2. Anniversary Parties May Be Prohibited Because of The "No Nostalgia Clause."

    Can you really have an anniversary party without getting nostalgic? Nope. In The Romance Recalibration, Amy let Penny know about the "no nostalgia" clause of their relationship agreement. But romance is still possible. "They could create new memories," says Dr. Kennedy Moore. "They could try a new restaurant, take a trip to a new destination, or take up a new hobby together," she says.

    The good news is trying a new restaurant or hobby is much cheaper than an anniversary party.

  3. Both Partners Must Maintain a Credit Score Above 730.

    73 is one of Sheldon's favorite numbers and Jim Parson's real life birth year. Since a credit score above 700 will help Sheldon and Amy get approved for loans when needed, maintaining a score of at least 730 makes sense. To do so they'll have pay all their credit card and loan payments on time and keep credit card balances low. Even if they were able to book an appearance by Stephen Hawking at their wedding, they shouldn't max out their credit cards.

  4. Always Making Car Loan Decisions Together.

    Sheldon would insist on comparing car prices, fuel efficiency, payments and loan rates online with a follow up spreadsheet compared on a whiteboard. But while comparing cars numerically is useful, there's an emotional side to the decision, too, says Dr. Kennedy Moore. He should add in an extra column for his and Amy's feelings on each car. He would create a similar spreadsheet for mortgages and credit card purchases for computers and other electronics.

  5. Mutual Approval of Any Purchases Above $314.16.

    All things Sheldon are science or science fiction based. He wouldn't miss the opportunity to create a financial threshold based on the mathematical constant number pi that is 3.14, the ratio of circumstance to the diameter of a circle. But pi has significance within the show, too. It was also Amy's apartment number and Sheldon recited pi to a thousand places in his school talent show in kindergarten.