Which Credit Cards Does Costco Accept?

Quick Answer

Before you head to Costco, make sure you have the right credit card in your wallet. Costco warehouses only accept Visa-backed credit cards, but you can shop on Costco.com with Discover and MasterCard, too.

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A visit to a Costco warehouse is sure to be full of discoveries, bargains and probably a few impulse buys. Since you never know what you'll find at Costco—and how much you'll spend—it's wise to have a variety of payment options available. If you plan to put your Costco purchases on plastic, make sure you have the right credit card in hand before you start shopping. Costco warehouses only accept Visa-backed credit cards, but there are other ways to pay online.

Credit Cards Accepted at Costco Warehouses

When you're shopping in-store at a Costco warehouse, you can use any credit card backed by the Visa network, including:

  • Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card
  • The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card
  • Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit

You can get more out of your Costco spending by using a rewards credit card to earn cash back, points or miles on your purchases. Check the terms of your cards to see which offers the most benefits and note any restrictions. For example, some cards give you extra rewards for grocery purchases, but exclude groceries bought at superstores like Costco.

Credit Cards Not Accepted at Costco Warehouses

While you can't use credit cards backed by the Discover or MasterCard network to make purchases in Costco stores, you can shop online at Costco.com or in the Costco mobile app using these cards.

Costco does not accept American Express credit cards in-store, online or in the Costco app.

Why Do Costco Warehouses Only Accept Visa Credit Cards?

Costco restricts the credit card payment methods it accepts because it has a partnership with Visa. (Costco formerly had a similar partnership with American Express that ended in 2016.)

Keep in mind that the Visa rule applies only to credit cards, not to PIN-based debit or ATM cards. You can use most PIN-based debit/ATM cards in-store, online and in the Costco app.

It's in the Cards

Whether your credit score is poor or excellent, there's a credit card Costco accepts that's designed for you. Before applying for one of these cards, checking your credit report and credit score will help you determine which cards you might qualify for. You can visit Experian CreditMatch™ to get matched with cards that fit your credit profile, including the ideal card to pay for your Costco shopping trip.