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Want to Save Money? Watch More Sports on TV

With football in full swing, the Major League Baseball playoffs heating up, and basketball and hockey just underway ‘tis the season for watching sports on television. We gathered information on how and where to watch your favorite sport, along with how much you'd save by not going to the game.


You won't miss a single playoff game on any basic cable television or streaming service that offers TBS, FOX and ESPN. Sports Media Watch has the full schedule. If all you want is to watch baseball, you can catch playoff games throughout the month of October and just pay for a month of streaming through YouTube TV for $35. They're non-exclusively carrying the World Series and offering behind the scenes videos. The service works for up to 6 devices. Thus, you can watch the World Series from your phone or laptop. You can also go to sports bar and watch for the price of wings and drinks, generally in the range of $20 to $40 in food and beverages per person, depending on city, bar, and what you're ordering.

Cost of a World Series game: at least $599 according to Seat Geek.


Watching football on television is as much a part of American culture as going to the games themselves. You can rotate Sunday or Monday (or Thursday) football-watching parties with friends and save the often $100 or more per person ticket price, according to Seat Geek. That's a lot of guacamole. There's also the cost of parking, souvenirs and food. As an example, parking at Soldier Field for Chicago Bears games ranges from $25 to $106. Since the $25 parking is limited as are the $100 cheap seats, football fans watching games with their family will want to book seats fast to avoid a thousand dollar day at the stadium.

NFL games are so popular on TV, though, that you can catch a game several nights per week on a variety of broadcast and basic cable networks.

If you'd still to see a live game in person without paying $1,000, you can also catch a college game. While tickets from select popular teams can still run $500 for a family of four, you can still get 4 tickets to other teams for $20 each based on pricing from

To watch college football on TV, you can watch through a television service that includes sports channels or streamed through a service such as Hulu Live for around $40.

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For NHL games, you can get regular season tickets cheap seats for as little as $30, depending on the team. However, $120 for a family of four makes it a pricey venture, and that's before you consider the cost of parking, eating and drinking at the venue, and souvenirs. The extras can easily add another $100 to the total price.

Plus, multiple hockey games are available on broadcast and basic cable for as little as the price of one ticket. offers NHL GameCenter Live by subscription for watching out-of-market (non-local) games. Prices vary by area and plans can be purchased internationally with the exception of if you live in a Nordic country: Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden. Check out the price for your area here.


Now's the perfect time to watch NBA games for cheap. In the preseason, you can get tickets for as little as a $20. Then carry through the excitement into watching games at home. Games during the season are split among broadcast and basic cable or streaming networks, including ABC, ESPN, NBA TV and TNT. Through sling television streaming service, you can watch the whole season and preseason for $25 per month. That's cheaper than two people going to the movies and purchasing popcorn.


Golf isn't everyone's cup of tees (pun intended), but there are four Professional Golf Association tournaments between Oct. 13 and Nov. 1. Ticket prices starting at $30 per day isn't bad, but you also have to budget for plane travel, gas, or hotels if you don't live in the same town as the tournament. For instance, if someone flew from New York to watch the Safeway Open in Napa, flights, hotel rental car, and event tickets can easily top $1,000 person before ingesting one drop of food.

You can learn from the pros by watching on television or live streaming. You'll need to choose a service that includes the Golf Channel. You can also watch Golf Live on Thursdays and Sundays on

The experience of watching sports live at the stadium can't be beat, but you can take spare your wallet the financial hit by enjoying sports from your home.

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