Fraud Alert

Video: When Should I Request an Extended Fraud Alert?

If you're dealing with the lingering after-effects of identity theft, you may need to switch tacks to keep the early protections you put in place as effective as they once were. Once your information has become vulnerable to scheming outsiders, the potential is there for it to be traded or sold. Make sure that you have long-term solutions in place to protect your data from fraudsters.

Are you a whiz at keeping your information secure when you're on the go? Check your security standards to find out just how safe you are. If you're a member of Experian CreditWorks, you can activate CreditLock to lock and unlock your Experian credit report information on demand and on-the-go. Discover more about how protecting your information with CreditLock can help keep your information secure from prying eyes but available to you when you need to review it or share access with another.