Credit Repair

Using Employer Tax ID Number Won’t Fix Bad Credit

Dear Experian,

Can I use my employer tax ID number to repair my damaged credit?


Dear KMR,

Using a number other than your Social Security number will not improve your credit history. Because Experian uses all of your identifying information to compile your credit report, it would still include all of the negative account information.

Falsifying identification information, including using a tax identification number, in an effort to hide from an accurate but negative credit history is credit fraud and subject to legal penalties that may include fines or potentially imprisonment.

There is no quick fix for a poor credit history. It took time to do the damage, and it will take time to rehabilitate your credit history.

The first step in recovery is to get copies of your credit reports from each of the national credit reporting companies. Learn how to get your annual credit report. To get your free credit report at Experian, you can request for free at any time.

Review your reports to identify the issues that are hurting your credit worthiness. Experian provides a "potentially negative items" summary with your report that should help you more easily pinpoint the information that is having the biggest impact.

Also consider purchasing a credit score. Along with the number you will receive a list of factors from your credit report that most affected the score.

Use the factors to identify what you need to work on in your credit report, and over time your credit history will improve.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team

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