Updating Employer on Your Credit Report

Dear Experian,

How does an employer report a job history to Experian?


Dear BZI,

Employers don't report job histories to Experian or the other national credit reporting companies.

In fact, the employer listing on a credit report is not an employment history at all. Rather, the employers shown in your credit report are provided by your lenders when they first report the information from your credit application.

Because the employer listing is updated only when you apply for new credit and is not provided to Experian in all cases, it is not meant to be an employment history. The employer listing does not affect credit scores or play a direct role in the lending process. For example, it likely would have no bearing at all in an automated credit application process.

Rather, it may be used as an additional identification tool. For example, a potential employer could match the employers you list in a job application to those listed in your credit report, helping them verify your identity and the information in your job application.

So, you don't need to worry about updating the employment listing on your report. The next time you apply for credit, you will probably be asked to list your current and previous employers on the application. When the new account is approved, the new employer may be added to your credit history when the account is reported.

Thanks for asking.
- The "Ask Experian" team