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Unplanned Costs For the Sandwich Generation: Long-Term Care

Check out this podcast where Cameron Huddleston joins us to chat about personal finance, long-term care insurance, and finance for children. She has been a personal finance journalist for the past 15 years and is now the Life and Money Columnist at Cameron writes about a variety of subjects including her own experiences and personal finance topics. In this interview, she talks about her article, How to Prepare for the Financial What-Ifs in Life. She understands that so much of life is surrounded by money and is ready to share her best tips.

  • About Cameron, her career in finance, and GOBankingRates
  • Long-term care insurance and costs to care for someone long term
  • Financial impacts with managing own finances and someone else’s finances
  • Credit card rewards
  • Personal money interactions
  • Money history for couples
  • Talking to kids about money

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