Budgeting & Saving

The Importance of Being Comfortable With Credit and Finance

Check out this podcast where Ashley Jacobs joins us to chat about paying for college, personal finance tips, and budgeting. She is the Director of Marketing for, a website that teaches people how to live large while on a small budget. Ashley also runs her own company, Sitting for a Cause, a pet care site she founded that gives 50% of their profits to help animals. Here's a bit more on what this podcast covers:

  • About Ashley Jacobs and Wise Bread
  • Her first credit card experience
  • Side jobs and making more money
  • Making money while giving to a good cause
  • How to save money while going to college
  • Weekly Ask the Readers Giveaway survey by Wise Bread
  • Number one finance skill people should know
  • Ashley's own company experience

Stay tuned for more Experian podcasts at this year's FinCon 2017 with industry professionals.

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