Survey Results: Personal Finance

couple looking at finances together

The latest survey from Experian shares a wealth of information about how people think — and feel — about their current financial situations. Given the current state of our overall financial landscape, just how do people feel they're personally weathering current conditions?

  • Respondents are stressed about income expectations, investing in their retirements, and reducing their current amount of debt. While they feel optimistic about the future of their finances, their confidence is undercut by these three major limiting factors.
  • Rather than looking to their own behaviors, survey respondents see their lack of income and other funds as the main source of their current stressors.
  • Respondents considered getting more — and better quality — financial education as the key pivot to help them reduce their debt and increase their savings on the road ahead.

What else did we learn in this recent survey? For many more findings as well as our survey methodology, review our complete results deck below.