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Survey Results: Experian’s Credit Games

If managing your credit is a competition

Americans come in second place when it comes to credit knowledge

In fact, many admit they lag behind — with almost half saying they need a lot more training before they can truly compete for higher credit scores and better interest rates. What's the biggest obstacle on the path to victory?

Our recent survey makes it clear: you have to train hard if you plan to be better at credit.

Ready to see how you'll do? Put your credit skills to the test: take Experian's Credit Games quiz now!

The Training

We polled 1,000 Americans on their current credit knowledge

Credit education is still the best training for many. Of those we surveyed:

  • 39% don't know what steps to take to be better at credit
  • 46% don't understand credit scores
  • 46% aren't sure what their credit score means
  • 58% don't understand the different types of credit scores

The Hurdles

Believe it or not, 12% say it isn't important to have a good credit score!

Here's why:

  • 35% say they don't use credit
  • 31% aren't looking to make a big purchase soon
  • 19% don't know how credit scores are used
  • 17% believe they can't improve their credit score

The Results

If their credit were a competition, how would Americans would rank themselves?

  • 1st place, very knowledgeable - 18%
  • 2nd place, somewhat knowledgeable - 50%
  • 3rd place, not too knowledgeable - 21%
  • Participation ribbon, not at all knowledgeable - 11%

How would you rank yourself? Put your credit knowledge to the test: try your hand in Experian's Credit Games quiz to see if you'll make the podium, or finish as an also-ran.

Start training to be better at credit.

Looking to build your credit skills? Start your trial enrollment in Experian CreditWorks at today. And you can always brush up on your skills by checking in regularly here on the Experian Credit Education blog for new answers and help any time.

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This article was originally published on July 27, 2016, and has been updated.

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