Social Security

Is a Social Security Number the Only Way to Build Credit?

A Social Security number is just one of many identifying elements Experian uses to compile your credit report. When a request for your credit report is made by you or your lender, we use all of the identification information they provide in order to compile the report. That includes your name, date of birth, current address, previous addresses, employer listings and Social Security number.

Your Social Security number is an important identifier because it is the one unique identifier to every American, but it is not absolutely necessary. If a lender is willing to open an account for you without a Social Security number, you still could have a credit report.

If an account has been opened for you and it is reported to Experian, we will use all of the identifying information provided to establish a credit report, even in if there is no Social Security number.

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Scoped on: 04/21/2016