5 Romantic Money Moves to Make This Valentine’s Day

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Make these romantic money moves on Valentine’s Day to show your loved one you care by fitting a monthly date night into the budget, making a financial connection, partnering up on your accounts, making a special purchase and dreaming big together.

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Managing your personal finances may not seem like the most romantic activity, but you could show your sweetie you care this Valentine's Day with a romantic money move.

This can be a great time to solidify a plan for collaboration on joint projects or shared dreams, and to discuss anxieties preventing you both from feeling financially secure. Consider doing so with one of these five moves.

1. Fit a Monthly Date Night Into the Budget

Maintaining a budget may sound like a chore, but it's one of the best ways for couples to take the stress out of their lives and open up the possibility of saving for fun.

When you set aside money in your budget for a fun monthly date night, you not only set an expectation that you'll spend quality time together, but you can do so while leaving the money guilt behind.

Choose some frugal date options to still save even when you're spending time together:

  • Cook a special homemade meal and have movie night.
  • Opt for happy hour for cheaper drinks and food rather than a full dinner out.
  • Attend a movie screening at a local college or library for cheaper or even free tickets.

2. Make a Financial Connection

In a relationship, it can be easy to see all the ways you might disagree about finances. But as a celebration of the day of love, make an intentional connection over the things you do agree on.

For example, if you both think going out to eat is a waste of money, nix it from your budget. Then you can celebrate this simple step to finding savings together.

Explore cooking more meals together using a mix of affordable recipes and fun, tasty dishes you know you'll both enjoy. Brainstorm ways to enjoy food and fun for less, like hosting friends and family for a potluck.

3. Partner Up on Accounts

As a relationship becomes more serious, it only makes sense that parts of your individual lives will merge. Besides being sweet, some of these can save you money as a couple. So this Valentine's Day, take some time to consider:

  • Merging your Netflix account.
  • Verifying that you are each listed on bank, credit card and utility accounts. Make sure you both have the necessary passwords too. This can be the ultimate gift to your future selves to prevent financial havoc in emergencies.
  • Sharing a credit card for joint expenses and joint rewards, like airline points for a weekend getaway.

When it comes time to find a new joint credit card with all those travel rewards points for your tropical getaway, consider using Experian CreditMatch™. CreditMatch can help you discover which cards you have the best odds of getting approved for so that you can apply with confidence. You might see who has the better odds of approval and then add the other person as an authorized user.

4. Shop Smart

For many couples, Valentine's Day may come with pressure to overspend on gifts like flowers, candy or jewelry. But if you're looking to celebrate the holiday with a gift, consider going a non-traditional route and making a special purchase for your partner that isn't necessarily Valentine's Day themed.

Watching for holiday sales or promo codes around this time period can be a great way to save money on gifts. When you combine these purchases with smart financing like an introductory 0% interest credit card or a rewards card, you may be able to save a bundle.

5. Dream Big Together

Finally, one of the most important and romantic things to do as partners is to use money to finance your dreams. To do so, consider creating a sinking fund for "dreams."

Whether this money goes toward a dream vacation, buying a house or starting a family down the line, saving together to reach your shared goals can be a powerful experience.

Set your plans down in writing, a spreadsheet or a vision board to make your dream fund feel real.

Love and Money

Money moves are just one way to show your loved one that you care. This Valentine's Day, make some romantic money moves that can help strengthen you as a couple and support your vision for the future.

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