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Paying For Gas With an App in Your Car? That’s Pretty Cool

It may be a little while before cars can really drive themselves, but there's plenty of new technology popping up in autos. Chevrolet and Shell just announced the first ever in-dash fuel payment and rewards system using their Marketplace platform.

This feature lets anyone with a 2017 or newer Chevrolet vehicle pay for gas and earn rewards without ever having to pull out a wallet, card, or mobile device.

In-dash fuel payment is piloting in Detroit, Seattle and Houston and rolling out nationwide over the next few months. So if you're looking at buying a new car soon, it may be worth checking out.

The GM Marketplace app is also fine tuning some other features, such as connecting with companies like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts so you can get coffee, snacks and sweets without pulling out a card—or sometimes even getting out of your car.

How In-Dash Fuel Payment Works

Here's how it works: You tap the Shell icon and select your location. It'll generate a code for you to use to activate the pump. It'll charge your payment method on file and will also let you access your loyalty rewards points as well.

Photos by John F. Martin for Chevrolet

With the growing options for alternative payments like mobile wallets, this is just another way brands are making things more convenient for consumers—and maybe even helping to avoid costly identity theft in the form of card skimmers at gas stations.

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