How to Obtain a RentBureau Report

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Dear Experian,

How do I get a free consumer report from Experian RentBureau? My landlord has found incorrect information on the service he uses.


Dear TNY,

Although Experian may include positive rental payment history as part of your credit report, your RentBureau report is a separate report that includes only rental payment history. You can obtain a copy of your Rental History report from Experian RentBureau either by calling 1-877-704-4519, or by mailing a request form to: P.O. Box 26 Allen, TX. 75013. The request form can be found online at

You mentioned that your landlord saw incorrect information on the service he uses, but you didn't specify whether it was a report from RentBureau. If your landlord used another company for tenant screening, you will need to obtain a report from that company in order to know exactly what is being identified as incorrect. Your landlord should be able to tell you what company was used for the tenant screening. Contact that company directly to notify them of any inaccuracy.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team