Increasing Employee Credit Knowledge

Dear Readers,

According to research by the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation (PFEEF), as many as 80 percent of employees spend work time dealing with financial issues, costing companies as much as 20 hours a month in lost productivity.

Both the employer and the employee benefit from increased financial knowledge. The employee will have much less financial stress, and the company will see increased productivity going straight to the bottom line.

Experian recently provided a grant to the Institute for Socio-Economic Studies for development of a Web site to help employers share crucial credit reporting and credit scoring knowledge with their employees.

At, employees will find tools, resources and interactive quizzes that will help them better understand credit reporting and credit scoring. Employee training departments can incorporate the tools and resources into their employee education programs and can refer employees directly to the site.

We encourage both consumers and employers to visit the new site and to use the tools and resources. Increasing employee knowledge is good for everyone and takes only a small investment of time.

Thanks for reading.
- The "Ask Experian" team

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